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Nik's Grave

Gerry's brother and Lyn's husband Nik died totally unexpectedly on the afternoon of Saturday 7th January 2017 which was the start of the worst weather on Alonissos in living memory.  However, the whole community of Alonissos came together during these difficult times to ease the stress and burden on the family.  His death came as a massive shock to everyone.

Nik was a very much loved and respected member of the island's community and was probably best known for playing lead guitar in the Aloni Band and his hilarious portrayals of characters in the GITs pantomimes.  However it was not widely known that Nik was a very talented watercolour artist and made the most amazing salt dough figures as well as being the island's guitar doctor for refurbishing and renovating damaged guitars.

The pictures below show the rear and front aspects of Nik's grave which is almost central in the cemetary in the Old Village.  Our sincere thanks go to our very dear friend Yorgos from Taverna Panselinos who was instrumental in organising the work on the grave, our friend Andy who did the construction work and another Yorgos who worked in the cemetery.  Nik will be sadly missed by his surviving family, friends and everyone that knew him.

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