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Old Village (Hora)

The Old Village dates back to the Byzantine period in history and was the original capital of the island before the houses were destroyed by the disastrous earthquake of 1965.  Most of the houses that are capable of being renovated have been bought by Northern Europeans who now have beautiful houses or holiday homes in this most picturesque of places.  As with all hilltop Hora's the houses are knitted together with an intricate network of narrow paths and lanes that were originally designed to make life difficult for invading pirates.  All they manage to do now is to lead countless visiting tourists into a state of confusion as they walk up and down identical looking pathways trying to get back to where they started.

The Old Village has a lower part and an upper part.  The start of the Old Village is the Village Plateia where the bus stops and there is a supermarket and a taverna.  Walking up the cobbled path you arrive at Plateia Christos with the churches of Agios Athanassios to the right of the Plateia and the Church of Christ to the left.  There are two bars in the plateia and studios to rent and between the two plateias are tavernas and shops.  Walking up the steep cobbled steps, passed shops and tavernas you arrive at Plateia Iroon.

Plateia Iroon (Hero's Square) is the start of the upper part of the Old Village and has the WW2 war memorial and a viewing platform with a bar.  Walking up the steps, passed the Traditional House Museum, the Old Kastro is accessed by steps on the right next to Taverna Kastro and additionally via an alleyway towards the end of the walkway that leads passed Gallery 5.  The walkway passes tavernas and shops to the end where there is a bar with a stunning view over the sea towards the island of Skopelos.  Along the walkway the newest church on the island, Agios Nikolaos, can be found down steps to the left and steps further along the walkway to the left give access to pathways that lead down to the old school and a goat path to Mikros Mourtias beach.

The continuation of the main road up to the Village Plateia leads to the island cemetary and the small church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.  The cemetary is a lovely and peaceful place and has glorious panoramic views to the island of Evia on one side and the Halkidiki Peninsular and Mount Athos on the other side.  The views from the outer areas of the Old Village are absolutely stunning and there are paths down either side to the beaches below the Old Village.  Accommodation is in short supply so, if you cannot get rooms in the Old Village, just stay somewhere and visit the Old Town by taxi, bus (summer only), car, scooter or take Shank's Pony up the donkey track from Patitiri.

There are around three dozen residents in the Old Village during the winter months but this increases enormously with the start of the charter flights at the beginning of May.

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