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Oxi Day - 28th November 2011

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We walked down to Patitiri so that we arrived at the Dimos offices around 10.45am to be there for the service to start around 11am.  A large crowd had gathered around the war memorial waiting for Father Avraam to arrive and start the service.  Gathered around the war memorial where the mayor, council officials, members of all the local services in dress uniform, children from all years of the school and a large number of islanders.  Father Avraam started the service with prayers around 11am followed by laying of wreaths by the mayor, police, fire service, coastguard, port police and each year from the school starting with the youngest to the oldest.  Each of the groups laying wreaths were introduced and when the last wreath had been layed there was a one minute silence followed by the singing of the Greek national anthem.  There was some disturbances during the wreath laying part of the ceremony because two different people in the crowd fainted .

A young woman went up to the microphone and read from a script giving the background to the events of the war and why this day is celebrated as a national holiday in Greece.  When she had finished the ceremony broke up around 11.45am for the marching display by the school children.  The school children headed off to the top of the high street to form up into their year groups while the crowds moved to stand along both sides of the road to Roussoum Yialos.  The first group to march along the road was the youngest children and after they had paraded through each of the school years followed with a flag bearer and a few of their year in front, followed shortly after by all the rest of the class marching along the road.  This continued until every group had marched passed the assembled crowd.  Each were enthusiastically clapped as they went passed and all were obviously very proud to be part of the commemoration of Ohi Day.


Crowd Around the War Memorial

Background to the Events of Ohi Day

Youngest Children Marching

Last of the School Children Marching Passed the Crowd
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