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Panagia on Alonissos - 16th August 2004

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The Panagia celebration was due to be held in the Old Town on the evening of August 15th but due to very strong winds and rain the celebrations were cancelled for that evening and rearranged for the following evening on the 16th August.  This is the first time that anyone can remember Panagia being cancelled.  During the day of the 16th workmen created wind breaks by putting up wooden supports and attached plastic sheeting.  Before the re-enactment of the traditional Alonissos wedding a table was set opposite Panselinos providing free ouzo with loukoumades which are fried dough balls which were drenched in Greek honey.  Islanders mingled with the crowd dispensing Kourambiethes and star-shaped almond sweets which we don't know the name of.

Around 7pm the re-enactment of a traditional Alonissos wedding started with the entourage walking up to the plateia, dressed in traditional Alonissos costumes and preceeded by musicians.  They then collected more people in the plateia and performed a traditional dance.  The entourage then set off with the musicians leading, down the steps passed the Taverna Fantasia and stopping in the courtyard of the studios opposite Agia Evangelistria.  The bridegroom came out and joined the entourage and led the traditional dancing in the courtyard.  Sweets and cakes were given out among the crowd and after a short break the entourage set off again along the bottom track of the Old Town stopping to collect the bride from house number 60.

Having collected the bride the procession turned up the steps and came into the main thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town opposite Gallery 5.  They then turned down towards Plateia Koprias by the war memorial where they stopped and performed another traditional dance.  The musicians then led the entourage down the steps towards the plateia and down to the area by the bus stop where the mayor of Alonissos gave a speech in Greek.  An evening of music, dancing, drinking and eating followed with a different group to Panagia 2003 on a stage erected between Panselinos and the new supermarket.

The area opposite Panselinos has been hard surfaced with large gravel and the workmen removed the seating belonging to Panselinos and the Souvlaki shop and put up temporary seating which consisted of wooden planks supported on concrete blocks like last year.  Unfortunately we spent so long up in the Old Town chatting and drinking with Bob, Netty and Dave we missed the food and had to have a couple of chicken gyros from the souvlaki shop.  There was still some wine left so we bought a couple of nice cups for 3 euro each and enjoyed some free white wine.  The festivities came to a close around 1am when the group called it a day.  The bus was still doing good business and so were the taxis at that time of the morning.


Wind Breaks

Free Ouzo and Loukoumades

Traditional Dancing in Plateia Christos

Traditional Dancing in the Courtyard of the Bridegroom's House

Collect the Bride from House Number 60

Traditional Dancing in Plateia Iroon at the War Memorial

Group Playing Ouside Taverna Panselinos

Temporary Seating
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