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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2005

Before the re-enactment of the traditional Alonissos wedding a table was set up opposite Panselinos dispensing free ouzo or tsipouro with loukoumades (fried dough balls) drenched in Greek honey.  In front of the stage had been hung a large banner advertising the event.  The Panagia celebration was held in the Old Town on the evening of August 15th and started around 7pm with the re-enactment of a traditional wedding.  All the wedding entourage in traditional Alonissos costumes processed up to the plateia, preceded by three musicians playing traditional music.

They collected more people in the plateia and performed some traditional dances.  While the dancing was going on the two bridegrooms attendants dispensed ouzo and star-shaped almond sweets to the crowd.  The musicians then started off and led wedding pary down the steps to the courtyard of the studios opposite Agia Evangelistria.  The bridegroom came out and joined the entourage and led the traditional dancing in the courtyard.  Sweets and cakes were given out among the crowd and after a short break the bridegroom led the entourage off again along the bottom track of the Old Town and up the centre set of steps into the main thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town.

They then turned down towards Plateia Iroon and entered the Traditional House Museum where the bride was waiting.  After a short while the bride and groom were presented to the assembled throng on the balcony above the Traditional House Museum.  We were so far back we couldn't really see what was happening but eventually all the wedding entourage posed at the back of Plateia Iroon for a photo-shoot.  After the photo-shoot the musicians led the wedding party down the steps towards the plateia and down to the area by the bus stop.

The land around the bus stop had been set up with the temporary seating and tables which consisted of wooden planks supported on concrete blocks.  Tables were set up opposite Taverna Panselinos where drinks could be bought and a table had large numbers of 10 litre wine boxes to dispense free wine all night.  This year they were selling nice mugs for 3 euro from the table where the food tickets were purchased.  This year was very disappointing because although the food ticket was only 5 euro it came with a white plastic bowl instead of the lovely ceramic ones from previous years.  The food consisted of meat and spaghetti dished up from huge metal vats set atop a table next to the drinks.

The musicians has set up on the stage between the supermarket and Taverna Panselinos and everyone was up and dancing.  We even managed to gatecrash one of the simpler dances and whirled around the plateia with the best of them.  We departed around 12.30am with the music and dancing still going strong.


Free Ouzo or Tsipouro with Loukoumades

Large Banner Advertising the Event

Wedding Entourage Preceded by Three Musicians

Traditional Dancing in the Courtyard of the Bridegroom's House

Bridegroom Leading off the Wedding Entourage

Up the Steps into the Main Thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town

Traditional House Museum

Bride and Groom on the Balcony of the Traditional House Museum

The Wedding Entourage Posing in Plateia Iroon for a Photo-shoot

Musicians Leading the Wedding Party to the Plateia for Greek Dancing
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