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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2007

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Town on the evening of Wednesday August 15th with signs going up around the island a couple of days before the event.  Unlike previous years there were no ouzo and loukoumades given out before the re-enactment of the traditional Alonissos wedding.  The stage for the musicians was set up between Maria's supermarket and taverna Panselinos as previously.  The young dance troop took part in the dancing this year and here they can be seen before the event posing for the cameras.

Around 7.20pm the re-enactment of a traditional Alonissos wedding started with the entourage walking up to the plateia, dressed in traditional Alonissos costumes and preceeded by musicians to collect the bride and grooms attendants.  The entourage then set off down the steps passed the Fantasia shop with the musicians leading.  Under one of the part built houses we could see the food for the evening being cooked.  The entourage stopped in the courtyard of the studios opposite Agia Evangelistria and the bridegroom came out and joined the entourage and led the traditional dancing in the courtyard.  Sweets and ouzo were distributed among the crowd and after a short break the entourage set off again along the bottom track of the Old Town.  The throng went up one of the steps to the upper Old Town coming out opposite Gallery 5 and then turned towards the Traditional House.  The bride came out onto the balcony to rapturous applause followed by her mother who spoke the traditional words to the groom and then invited him into the house.

Having collected the bride the procession turned down towards Plateia Koprias by the war memorial where they stopped and performed more traditional dances and stopped for a photo shoot.  The musicians then led the entourage down the steps towards the plateia where the bride and groom led the dancing.  An evening of music, dancing, drinking and eating followed with as much free wine as you could drink.  Different to the last Panagia celebration that we attended was that there was less involvement of the Greeks in dancing and by the time we left around midnight most people were listening to the group play rather than dancing to the music.


Stage for the Musicians

Dance Group Posing for the Cameras

Bride and Groom's Attendants

Food for the Evening Being Cooked

Traditional Dancing in the Courtyard of the Bridegroom's House

Bride and Mother on the Balcony of the Traditional House Museum
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