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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2008

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Town on the evening of Friday August 15th with signs going up around the island a couple of days before the event.  Three large white sheets were hung up at the harbour, by the school and at the bus stop in the Old Town.  They all conveyed the same message except that one sign said the start time was 6pm and two signs said the start time was 7pm.  Unlike last year there was a table opposite Panselinos dispensing free Alonissos sweets and neat tsipouro (with water for the faint of heart) for which people formed a semi-orderly queue.  The stage for the musicians was set up between Maria's supermarket and taverna Panselinos as previously.  The young dance troop again took part in the dancing and here they can be seen relaxing before the event.

The wedding started with the entourage walking up to the plateia, dressed in traditional Alonissos costumes and preceeded by musicians.  We stayed at the bus stop area in the midst of the hub bub chatting with friends and missed the first part of the wedding procession.  We therefore nipped sharply up the steps to the Plateia Iroon just as the wedding party were leaving the Traditional House, where the groom asks for the brides hand in marriage.

We just managed to get there as the bride and groom were walking down the steps to Plateia Iroon and where they posed for a while for photos to be taken.  The musicians started to play and the dance troop performed traditional dances before the musicians then led the entourage down the steps towards the plateia where the bride and groom led the dancing.  We finished our drinks at the coffee bar and sauntered down to the dancing, eating and drinking area.  There seemed to be hugely more people at the festival this year, compared to last year and the queues for food and drink seemed endless.  We watched the circle dancing for a while which appears to have no start or finish due to the hundreds of dancers involved, then wandered back home around midnight with the sound of the band ringing out over the island.


Free Alonissos Sweets and Neat Tsipouro

Wedding Entourage Relaxing Before the Event

Bride and Groom Walking Down the Steps to Plateia Iroon

Traditional Dancing in Plateia Iroon

Musicians Leading the Wedding Party to the Plateia for Greek Dancing

Dancing Outside Taverna Panselinos
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