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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2010

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Village on the evening of Sunday August 15th with signs, in the form of large sheets, going up by the school and on the port in Patitiri and one across the pine trees in the Old Village.  As usual a 6pm start time was indicated but things never normally start before 7pm.  We think this is to make sure that people have sufficient time to get there before things kick off as no-one here ever arrives on time.

Dave walked out in the morning with Zoe the dog and the stage had been already put up and the Dimos workers were putting the finishing touches to the seating for the evening.  Walking back via Fantasia Apartments the large metal containers were being prepared to cook the goat and spaghetti for the evening's food.

Although billed as a 6pm start the wedding entourage started to assemble around 6.45pm and the musicians led them up towards Plateia Christos and the Hiliadromia Apartments to collect the "best man" and "matron of honour".  After some entertainment there were drinks and traditional cakes handed out to the crowd before the entourage set off from the plateia and turned down the steps passed Fantasia Apartments followed by the assembed crowd.

As the musicians and wedding entourage went down passed Nik and Lyn's house to collect the groom we took a short cut as we were running a little late.  The dancing had finished but more food and drink was being distributed amongst the crowd before the musicians led everyone out through the archway into the street and off to collect the bride from the Traditional House Musuem.  We took the short cut up passed Agios Nikolaos church and arrived at the Traditional House to get a good vantage point as the procession came along the main thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town.

Outside the Traditional House the wedding party stopped while the musicians played and then the groom knocked on the door to be met by Tasia who playing the part of the mother.  She gave him a hard time before allowing him into the house to be with his bride.  The bride and groom came out on the balcony to wave to the crowds before leaving the house to go down to Plateia Iroon where the musicians started to play and the wedding entourage danced for the assembled crowd.  After the dancing ended the bride and groom then led the wedding party down to the plateia.

Down at the plateia the band outside Taverna Panselinos started to play and the wedding party started the evening's dancing.  The dimos provided free wine and many people paid for the goat and spaghetti and sat and ate at the tressle tables that were set up earlier in the day.  The band continued to play all through the evening and still in their wedding outfits the groom and best man continued to dance with the assembed crowd.  We left before the evening had finished but probably enjoyed this Panagia more that the others due to the smaller numbers of people in the crowd and the wonderful group of friends who shared the experience with us.


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Stage for the Musicians

Seating Arrangements For the Evening

Food For the Evening Being Cooked

Wedding Entourage Assembling Before the Event

Collecting the "Best Man" and "Matron of Honour" From the Hiliadromia Apartments

Drinks and Traditional Sweets Being Distributed

Wedding Entourage Leaving Plateia Christos

Down the Steps and off to Collect the Bridegroom

More Drinks and Traditional Sweets Being Distributed at the Bridegroom's House

Off to Collect the Bride

Wedding Procession Coming Along the Main Thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town.

Musicians Playing Outside the Traditional House Museum

Bride and Groom on the Balcony of the Traditional House Museum

Traditional Dancing in Plateia Iroon

Bride and Groom Leaving Plateia Iroon

Wedding Party Dancing Outside Taverna Panselinos

People Eating Traditionally Cooked Goat and Pasta

Band Playing and Dancing Outside Taverna Panselinos

Groom and Best Man Dancing Outside Taverna Panselinos
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