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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2012

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Village on the evening of Wednesday August 15th with signs written in Greek, on large tarpaulins, put up around Patitiri and in the Old Village in front of Taverna Panselinos.  For the first time we can remember, there was a poster giving information about the religious services in the Old Village for Panagia.  This is clearly the influence that Father Avraam is having in the community on the island.  The Dimos (council) organised the seating during the morning and afternoon.  The stage had been erected and the band were getting their equipment sorted out and during this time the food for the evening was being cooked in large stainless steel containers.

The first of the wedding entourage were collected from Plateia Christos where the musicians played and traditional cakes and drinks were handed out to the crowd before the entourage set off from the plateia, led by the musicians and turned down the steps by Fantasia Apartments to Konstantina's Apartments.  As usual we took a short cut passed Berger's house and met the entourage as they were entering the apartments.  More tsipouro and sweets were handed out and the musicians played and the wedding group treated the entourage to more traditional Greek dancing and a photo shoot before the musicians led everyone along the bottom road of the Old Village and upwards to the Traditional House Musuem to where the bride was waiting.

We went back up the path passed Berger's house and took the steps upwards to the Traditional House Museum in the Upper Old Village.  The procession came along the thoroughfare led by the musicians and stopped outside the front door.  The groom eventually persuaded the mother of the bride that he was a suitable person for her hand in marriage and the bride came to the door to greet him.  The wedding party posed for photographs on the balcony before walking down the steps to Plateia Iroon.  After a photo shoot the musicians played and we were treated to more traditional dancing before the wedding entourage headed down to the lower plateia.

After posing for the crowds to take more photos there was an introduction to the evening's celebration by Panayioti and Dina and then the musicians started to play and the wedding party danced for the assembled crowd.  After a while the crowd joined in the dancing which lasted into the early hours of the morning.  As Yorgos had taught us the wedding dance we joined in and it was a great feeling to be able to dance properly with the Greek's, rather than just doing the "tourist shuffle".  The traditional goat and spaghetti was served and the wine flowed all night and as always Panagia was a wonderful festival enjoyed by everyone who took part.


Banner Advertising Panagia 2012

Panagia Poster with the Religious Services

Seating Arrangements For the Evening

Stage for the Musicians

Food For the Evening Being Cooked

Collecting the "Best Man" and "Matron of Honour" From the Hiliadromia Apartments

Wedding Entourage Leaving Plateia Christos

Photo of the Bride's Attendants

Photo of the Bridegroom and Attendants

Bride Waiting at the Traditional House Museum

Wedding Procession Coming Along the Main Thoroughfare of the Upper Old Town.

Bridegroom Negotiating for the Hand of his Bride with her Mother

Bride and Groom Kissing Outside the Traditional House Museum

Bride and Groom on the Balcony of the Traditional House Museum

Down the Steps by the War Memorial into Plateia Iroon

Photo Shoot into Plateia Iroon

Heading off Down the Steps from Plateia Iroon

Dina and Panayioti Announcing the Evening's Events

Bride and Groom Dancing Outside Taverna Panselinos

Traditionally Cooked Goat and Pasta Being Served
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