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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2014

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Village on the evening of Friday August 15th with signs going up in Greek outside the school in Patitiri and in the Old Village opposite Taverna Panselinos as well as the religious services across the celebration.  The Dimos (council) constructed the stage and organised the seating arrangements with breeze blocks and wooden planks on the previous morning and afternoon and we arrived around 6.30pm to meet people and have a drink before the festivities started.  We walked up the back steps to the Old Village and we could see the metal vats cooking the traditional goat with spaghetti.  Although advertised as 7pm on the posters the event didn't kick off until around 8pm.

Dina again did the introduction to the wedding in Greek, English and Italian and there was a photo-shoot for some of the wedding party before musicians from the group led everyone up the cobbled street to Plateia Christos to collect the best man, where there was traditional Greek dancing.  They then set off from the plateia, led by the musicians and turned down the pathway behind Fantasia Apartments and down the slope to Konstantina's Apartments.  As usual we took our short cut and were at Dina's before the entourage arrived at the apartments.  The musicians played and the wedding group performed more traditional Greek dancing before the musicians led the entourage along the bottom path of the Old Village and up to the Traditional House Musuem to collect the bride.

We went back up the short cut and took the steps up to the Traditional House Museum in the Upper Old Village, so we were at the Museum before the musicians arrived leading the procession along the thoroughfare.  The groom went to the door and persuaded the mother of the bride that he should have her daughter's hand in marriage and she allowed him into the house.  The wedding party posed for photographs on the balcony then set off down the steps into Plateia Iroon.  The musicians played and there was more traditional Greek dancing before the wedding entourage went down to the Old Village plateia.

There was an excellent exhibition of traditional Greek dancing by members of the Alonissos Dance Group and then the band started to play and the dancing started.   The star turn this year was an excellent violinist Tasos Thanos who played acoustic violin while being part of the musicians leading the wedding and then played electric violin as part of the band.  The violin was wireless and he came into the middle of the dance circle and played as we danced.  The traditional goat and spaghetti served was excellent and a bargain at 5 euro per portion plus the free white wine was very good.  We danced the night away into the early hours of the morning and as always Panagia was a wonderful festival and enjoyed by everyone there.


Order of Church Services for Panagia

Traditional Goat with Spaghetti Being Cooked

Stage for the Musicians

Photoshoot of Members of the Wedding Party

Dina Announcing the Arrangements for the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Party Heading off to Plateia Christos

Traditional Greek Dancing at the Hiliadromia Studios

Musicians Leading the Wedding Party to Konstantina's Apartments

Traditional Greek Dancing at Konstantina's Apartments

Bride and Groom on the Balcony of the Traditional House Museum

Musicians Leading the Wedding Party to Plateia Iroon

Wreaths Laid at the War Memorial in Plateia Iroon

Traditional Greek Dancing in Plateia Iroon

The Band Playing Outside Taverna Panselinos in the Old Village
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