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Panagia on Alonissos - 15th August 2017

Panagia was celebrated in the Old Village on the evening of Tuesday August 15th with a large banner going up outside the school in Patitiri as well as notices in Patitiri for the religious services across the celebration.  The Dimos (council) organised the seating arrangements with breeze blocks and wooden planks as usual and constructed the stage for the live group.

Due to Gerry's health issues she was unable to attend Panagia this year but spent the evening at home in good company with Jan and Netty.  Dave went to Taverna Panselinos around 8pm to get dressed in his traditional outfit (Φορεσιά) so that Yorgos could put the sash (Ζώνη) around him as this is almost impossible to do on your own.  We discussed the situation of Gerry being on her own for 4 hours so we decided, in the circumstances, Dave would not take part in the wedding procession this year, but would just go up to perform the 4 exhibition dances with the Alonissos Dance Group.

We asked anyone who was going around with the wedding entourage to take pictures so we have a record of the celebration for us, and for you, to see.  Babette kindly offered to video the dancing outside Taverna Panselinos in the Village plateia but sadly not terribly successfully and a lot of the dancing was lost.  The 10 members of the Dance Group performed 4 traditional dances starting with a traditional island syrtos dance followed by the dances Βλάχα Νάξου, Συρτός Κυκλάδων and finally Κάθε Που Πάω Στο Χωριό.

This year the traditional goat and spaghetti was free but instead of being cooked locally over wood, an open back Dimos pickup truck delivered off the 3 large metal vats.  After an ouzo to de-stress at Taverna Panselinos with friends, Dave changed into his civvies and walked home.  The band were playing loudly and a huge group of people were syrtos dancing and enjoying the joyous atmosphere.

This year, as with all the past years, was another wonderful festival and the Dimos (council) should be congratulated for all their efforts in giving all the residents and visitors to the island an unforgettable evening.


Poster Advertising Panagia On The School Gates In Patitiri

Stage for the Musicians

Municipal Bus Bringing More Revellers From Patitiri

Seating Arrangements For Panagia

Penny Giving The Introduction To Panagia In English

Musicians Leading The Wedding Group To Plateia Christos
Photo Courtesy Of Amanda and Paul Molyneux

Wedding Group Dancing A Syrtos At Konstantina's Apartments
Photo Courtesy Of Amanda and Paul Molyneux

Dave in Traditional Outfit (Φορεσιά)

Dance Group Performing A Syrtos In The Village Plateia
Photo Courtesy Of Amanda and Paul Molyneux

Dance Group Ready To Dance Βλάχα Νάξου

Dance Group Performing Συρτός Κυκλάδων In The Village Plateia
Photo Courtesy Of Amanda and Paul Molyneux

Traditional Goat With Spaghetti Ready To Be Served
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