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Patitiri is the main port of Alonissos and also houses the bulk of the island's population.  All ferries, hydrofoils, catamarans and excursion boats arrive and depart from the harbour area.  Many guide books on Greece dismiss Patitiri as an unattractive concrete sprawl which in our opinion does the town a grave injustice.  This is an impression obtained by people who only visit Alonissos superficially and never get under the skin of the island.  Alonissos is simply not only about attractive buildings and sandy beaches but the beauty of Patitiri and the island of Alonissos lies with the people who live here and not simply the buildings they live in.  The warmth and friendliness of the local people is in stark contrast to the events of the past 50 years which has seen their vines decimated in 1956 by phylloxera followed by the disastrous earthquake of 1965 which destroyed the houses in the Old Village and led to the relocation of the population to Patitiri.

Along the harbour front are bars, tavernas and travel agencies and passed the harbour area is a small town beach with bars behind.  There are many shops up both streets that lead from the harbour area and the main road that leads out of Patitiri has a bank with an ATM, post office, supermarkets and places to eat and shop.  There is also an ATM outside Albedo Travel at the end of the harbour area.  On the harbour front is a taxi rank where four taxis operate from and close by is the bus stop where you can get the Dimos bus to the Old Village and up the island to the port of Steni Vala.  The private Alonissos Trans buses also operate from a kiosk next to the Port Police building in the centre of the harbour area.

Hotels and accommodation can be found around and behind the harbour area and the travel agencies on the harbour are a good source of information if you haven't pre-booked a room.  There are stairs at the end of the jetty where the ferries dock and also up the main street on the right, opposite the bank, that lead to the Kavos area overlooking the harbour where there are more hotels, rooms to rent, tavernas and bars.

Going up the road from the far side of the harbour to the back of Patitiri you will find the church of Agia Paraskevi, who is the patron saint of the island.  The church is the largest of the three Sporades islands and has been transformed internally in the last few years by an iconographer who has exchanged the bare white walls for beautiful images of saints.  The church is normally locked but a phone call from someone who knows the island priest could get you a visit.
If you wish to visit Patitiri the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August constitute the height of the tourist season on Alonissos and accommodation is in short supply and the island is almost filled to capacity with visitors.  Outside these times there are generally rooms to be found and with lower temperatures the island is a wonderful place for ramblers and walkers or people who love the sun but don't want to get burnt.  For lovers of sea food the fresh local fish in any of the Patitiri tavernas will satisfy your craving and the quality of the food offered by the tavernas is generally excellent.

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