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Excursion to Psathoura Island on the Planitis 27th August 2014

The excursion left from Patitiri around 9.30am but some yachts had laid their anchor lines over Planitis', so we had a delay while the crew freed the line.  There were a little under 30 people on the trip, which made for a comfortable number given the size of the boat.  This trip only normally happens in August as it is a 10 hour day and a 3 hour sail to Psathoura from Patitiri.  Having said that the trip is amazing value at 45 euro as you get 1 hour on Psathoura and 1 hour to visit the monastery of Kyra Panagia with all your food and drink thrown into the price.  Dave went on the trip with Dinah, Dave H and Gordon and we all agreed it was a fantastic day out.

Heading out of the port of Patitiri the captain sailed up the coast of Alonissos and between Steni Vala and Agios Demitrios there was a pod of dolphins into a shoal of fish and we circled around while they were jumping around in the water.  For the first time we sailed around the opposite side of Kyra Panagia, as we weren't going to the monastery on the way out, and it's only then that you realize what a large island it is.  We headed towards Psathoura, which is a very small and flat island but on the approach the famous light house, supposedly the largest and brightest in the Aegean, can be seen at a considerable distance out.

Arriving at Psathoura the Planitis cannot get close to the beach as the sand is very gently shelving and this caused Dave a considerable amount of angst as he is very unhappy in the sea and can't swim out of his depth.  Di and Dave H were brilliant and with there encouragement he made it down the steps and into the RIB.  Five minutes later we were on the fabulous sandy beach with the amazing Sea Daffodils growing and flowering at the back of the beach.  We tried and failed to find a pathway from the beach to the light house as all the potential paths were overgrown, so we gave up and Dinah said she would speak to the captain and get him to sail around the back of the island when we departed.  Psathoura is the only volcanic island in the Marine Park and the brown and black pumice is everywhere and there is a pervading smell of Sulphur in the air on the beach.

We had 1 hour on the beach then back by RIB to Planitis for an excellent buffet lunch provided by the chefs at Marpounta Beach Hotel.  We then sailed back via the island of Gioura to see the amazing hole in the rock and the deserted monastery and then off to Kyra Panagia.  We saw the island of Piperi in the distance which is the breeding ground for the Mediterranean Monk Seals and due to this has a seclusion zone around the island for their protection.  Arriving at Kyra Panagia we had a 1 hour stop for those who wanted to go to the monastery but Dave stayed on the boat and listened to Greek dance music on his iPod and fed bread to the small fish in the water around the boat.  When everyone was safely back on Planitis we headed back to Patitiri and arrived back in the port just after 7.30pm.  This trip is highly recommended and is fabulous value for the 45 euro ticket price.  The Planitis is a lovely large boat with plenty of space and we all had a great day out.

Leaving Patitiri For The Island of Psathoura

Kyra Panagia In The Distance Between Alonissos (Left) And Peristera (Right)

Passing The Lovely Harbour Of Steni Vala

The Red Rocks Of Kokkino Kastro

Entrance To The Blue Cave

Dolphins Swimming Ahead Of Planitis

Huge Container Ship Passing In The Distance Behind Psathoura

Coming Up To The Island Of Psathoura

RIB Taking Passengers From The Boat To The Island

Sea Daffodils At The Back Of The Beach Of Psathoura

The Lovely Sandy Beach Of Psathoura

Volcanic Rock That Makes Up The Island

The Famous Light House Of Psathoura

The Island Of Gioura

The Island Of Piperi

The Island Of Grammeza

Strange Hole In The Rock Formation On The Island of Gioura

Deserted Monastery On The Island of Gioura

The Monastery Of Kyra Panagia From The Boat

Landing Jetty For The Monastery Of Kyra Panagia

Samll Fish In The Water Feeding Off Bread Thrown from The Boat

Leaving Kyra Panagia And Heading Back Patitiri
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