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Rembetiko Music Night July 2009

We saw the poster shown opposite pinned to one of the pine trees while we were waiting for the bus down to Patitiri.  The poster advertised a night of rembetiko music at Plateia Iroon in the Upper Old Village near the war memorial on Saturday night 18th July 2009.  Gerry decided to pass on this one so Dave went up to the plateia for the 9pm start.

Dave met Nik and Lyn along with Ron and Brenda at the plateia and we all went into the cafe bar for a drink.  Although the stage had been set up for the group to play there was only one musician there at the start time and things didn't get going until about 10pm.  One of the group introduced themselves in Greek and then they started to play rembetiko.

The group of four musicians played some songs and we realised that much of the Greek music on Alonissos is actually rembetiko music.  We stayed for an hour then went off.  Dave, Nik and Lyn had drinks in Peri Orexios and when we left at midnight the group were still playing to rapturous applause.

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