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Alonissos During the Second Millenium

After the fall of Constantinople in 1204, Ikos was turned over to the Gyzi brothers, who were Venetian pirates.  After the Ottomans broke up the Byzantine Empire in 1453, the Venetians were in control and Ikos saw a rapid decline.  In 1538 the pirate Barbarossa raided and devastated the island.  In the 16th century the island was re-inhabited by a Greek population under the auspices of the Ottoman's and the island became known as Liadromia.

The Treaty of London in 1830 included the Northern Sporades and the present area of the Marine Park in the newly established Hellenic State.  After this date the island assumed its present name of Alonissos.  The inhabitants took part in the pre-revolution uprisings against the Turks and were involved in the revolution of 1821.

During World War II the island was occupied by Bulgarian forces.  The vines on the island were decimated by the wine louse Phylloxera in 1956 and then in 1965 the island suffered a terrible earthquake which devastated the houses in the Chora.  The inhabitants of the Chora were moved to housing built in the port of Patitiri, leaving the Chora deserted.

Many houses in the Chora have been bought by Northern Europeans and renovated and new houses built so that the Old Village has a new life during the calm winter months and a massive vibrancy and energy during the height of the summer.

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