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Excursion to Skantzoura Island on the Gorgona 6th July 2012

You can see the low flat island of Skantzoura from our terrace, so the day before the trip Dave took this photo of the island to show where he was going and how far it looked away.  Although a litle misty you can see the island of Skantzoura in the distance behind the Two Brothers.

The excursion left from Patitiri around 10.10am with Captain Pakis on his boat Gorgona.  There were around 20 people on the trip of a variety of european nationalities.  Heading out of the port of Patitiri, Pakis set a course for the Two Brothers and then with his second in command sailing the boat he introduced us to the history of Alonissos, the Sporades Islands and some of the myths and legends surrounging the area.  From further up the island of Alonissos you can see the channel that separates the Two Brothers but it's only when you are about to sail between them that you realise how large the channel is that separates the two islands.  The journey time from Patitiri to the Two Brothers was around 50 minutes.

Pakis headed to boat towards the island of Skantzoura and it took around another 40 minutes to get from the Two Brothers to the bay in Skantzoura where we could see the Monastery on the hillside above the bay.  Pakis moored the boat against some large rocks and we got off and headed up a pathway that eventually led to the Monastery.  It was a very hot day and the climb up the steep path was quite hard work.  You can see from this picture the type of terrain that you have to cope with on the walk.  About half way up Pakis stopped for a break and this is Pakis on the left (with the hat) with Commodore Dave Haddleton of the Small Heath Yacht Club (in the shades).

The walk takes around 20 minutes and this is one of the fabulous views that you get on the path which eventually leads to the beautiful but deserted and decaying Monastery of Skantzoura.  This is the last bit of the walk to the Monastery.  Pakis spent some time talking about the background and history of the island before we had a chance to look around the buildings themselves.

These two buildings are connected and in the foreground this building had steps up to it with these strange footmarks carved in the stone and inside was the old well in the centre of the room.  The building at the back is the church and this is the entrance to the church.  Inside the church you can see the alter screen and icons which are all still beautifully preserved.  Unfortunately the floor of the building opposite the church was in such poor condition that is was unsafe to enter but through one of the windows it is possible to see the old fireplace where presumbably the monks cooked.

We headed back around 1.10pm to the bay where the Gorgona was moored and had a lovely lunch of tomatoes and feta cheese, potato salad and rice with vegetables and some wine.  We headed off to a secluded cove around 2pm where people could swim off the boat and then left Skantzoura around 3pm and headed for the Two Brothers for another swim stop.  After the swim stop we headed back to Patitiri around 4.50pm.  However, around 5.30pm we came across a pod of dolphins and Pakis put the boat around so we were in the middle of them.  They move quickly so are not easy to photograph but here are a couple of pictures that Dave took and also some from Colin Pearson.

An excellent trip and well worth the 40 euro ticket cost.  The Gorgona is a nice cosy boat and Pakis was his usual garrulous self, which always makes for a great day out.

Island of Skantzoura From Our Terrace

Channel Between the Two Brothers

Island of Skantzoura From the Gorgona

Monastery on the Hillside Above the Bay

Disembarking From the Boat onto the Rocks

Pathway Upwards to the Monastery

Local Terrain

Well Earned Break Half Way Up the Monastery Path with Pakis in the Hat
and Commodore Dave Haddleton of the Small Heath Yacht Club in the Shades

Fabulous Views

Deserted Monastery of Skantzoura

Last Leg of the Walk to the Monastery

Pakis Talking About the Monastery and the Island

Two Linked Buildings

Strange Footmarks Carved in the Stone Steps

Old Well

Entrance to the Church

Alter Screen

Icons on the Left Wall of the Church

Icons on the Right Wall of the Church

Building Opposite the Church

Old Fireplace

Heading Back to the Bay

The Gorgona Moored in Skantzoura Bay

Secluded Bay for a Swim Stop
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