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An Evening Talk About Life With The Tuareg People Of The Sahara July 2009

Gerry got talking to a Dutch woman named Ineke Hemminga while doing the ASAP stall with Jan Moon on the port in Patitiri.  During their chat it transpired that Ineke lives amongst the Tuareg people of the sahara during the winter and does desert tours in Algeria and sells jewellery made by them during the summer.  We thought it would be interesting for people to hear about the life of the Tuareg people, so we organised an evening talk on Thursday 23rd at Villa Aliki starting from 7pm.  We had 14 people arrive for the evening and everyone brought a plate of finger food and a bottle.
Ineke arrived around 6.15pm to set up her slide show on our laptop while we organised the food and the seating arrangements.  When everyone had arrived Jan introduced Ineke and using the pictures on the lap top gave us a very interesting insight into the traditional world of the Tuareg and how their life is now being affected by the 21st century.  Ineke spoke about their semi-nomadic lifestyle and how they trade goods and food to obtain all that they need to sustain their existence during the year.  There was also a question and answer session ongoing through her talk.
Ineke had brought with her some examples of the jewellery made by the Tuareg's which she laid out on our bench table.  The Tuareg sell these items to generate income and Ineke has a spot on the harbour front by the Port Police office where she can be found most days during the summer selling the jewellery.  If you are on Alonissos during the summer please make an effort to contact her.  Gerry has two necklaces which you can see below.
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