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Ukrainian Dancers July 2008

We heard rumours that there was to be Ukrainian dancing on the harbour front on Saturday 26th July but were otherwise engaged and assumed that we had missed the opportunity of seeing the dancers perform.  We then heard that there was to be a music night in the Old Town on Monday 28th July and that the Ukrainian dancers would be in the Old Town on Tuesday 29th.  A picture of the sign can be seen on the right with the information about the music night at the top and the Ukrainian dancing at the bottom.

We arrived in the Old Town around 8pm and had to squeeze passed the dancers as their coach had backed down the pathway beside Maria's super-market and the dancers were practising their steps and adjusting their costume and make up.  We got a table under the pine trees at Panselinos as the dance troupe were to use the area at the bus stop as a stage.  The troupe consisted of boys and girls in thier teens who performed traditional dances.

The girls and boys danced both separately and together and in one of the dances the girls had rolls of material that they used as a sort of maypole dance.  There were some cossack style dances performed by the male members of the troupe and the whole evening lasted for over an hour.  Everyone had a really good evening of entertainment and we discovered that the group were on a 14 day tour of Greece and were heading off from Alonissos to Athens to perform in the capital.
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