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War Memorials

We have come across two war memorials located in the Old Town of Alonissos.  One can be found in the Lower Old Town plateia between Agios Athanassios and the Church of Christ.  The memorial is at the back so is very easy to miss.  There are 12 names on the memorial which commemorates their loss of life in 1912-1913, 1920, 1922 and 1948.  The first date relates to the First and Second Balkan Wars and the two dates in the early 1920's relate to the fight to liberate Asia Minor.  The 1948 conflict may be the Grek Civil War which raged between 1946 - 1949.

The other war memorial can be seen in the Upper Old Town to the right of the plateia as you walk up the steps towards the main thoroughfare.  The war memorial is very visible to anyone walking around the Plateia Koprias.  There are 9 names carved on the memorial which commemorates their loss of life on August 15th 1944 when they were shot by the occupying German troops on the site at which the memorial stands.  This date is also associated with Panagia, the second most important festival in the Greek Orthodox calendar.

There is a war memorial in Patitiri which is located opposite the Dimos office and in front of the small amphitheatre opposite the side entrance to the school.

We were told about a further war memorial in the summer of 2010 by Dave Haddleton which is located on the track that runs through the pine forest to Chris Lightfoot's house above Megalos Mourtias beach from the Paleohorafina to Marpounta Beach.  The memorial is off the road and set up in the forest in a small clearing.

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